Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera: How To Care And Grow At Home

If you look for a houseplant with an abundance of foliage, graceful, picturesque and at the same time unpretentious, a Dwarf Tree Schefflera – that plant which is necessary for you. In detail, we will consider care of the plant below. Briefly, when leaving for Dwarf Umbrella Tree in house conditions it is necessary to remember two main things – the correct watering and the correct lighting.

If you provide a plant these conditions, it will be the remarkable decoration of your house. Schefflera – a decorative and deciduous plant. For such structure of a leaf of reminds, it is even called an umbellate tree. The coloring of leaves is one-color (green), or motley, to white and yellow spots and stains. In nature, it blossoms numerous small white flowers. After blossoming clusters of berries appear.

Whether the Schefflera can get at home?

Plant this in itself juicy and beautiful, simple in leaving. For a subtlety, a grace of stalks and beauty of palms leaves it is called the ballerina among flowers. Very picturesquely looks on a window sill of an Umbrella Plant tree in the house.

The signs connected with this plant are rather contradictory. The negative first of all is connected with falling off or darkening of leaves. If plant throws off “clothes” – means owners wait for a disease or financial crisis.

And if the plant begins to turn off “palms” – wait for a quarrel with the friend or discontent of the chief. And if Schefflera suddenly ceased to grow, then failures in affairs or thefts are possible. From where these superstitions?

They came to us for a long time when people attentively listened to Mother Nature when they tried to live in unification with the world and not to break laws of the integrity of the Universe. On beliefs ancient, each flower possesses own magic, its energy is capable to have an effective impact on human life, to warn him about future events.

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

Therefore if to be attentive, it is possible to avoid many misfortunes. There were certain beliefs about what flowers can be given what can be grown up in a garden and what to keep in the room. What does the monstera, an azalea in the house mean? A sign, probably, not always – silly superstition.

It often has a certain implication. For example, a Schefflera – a poisonous plant. It is necessary to work with it in gloves, otherwise not to avoid unpleasant dermatitis. Perhaps, some negative connected with a plant – only attempt to protect people from excess troubles.

What the plant is?

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

Some surely want that grew Umbrella Plant in the house. The power of this plant is very positive. He even for fun is called “the kind vampire”. Because the green beauty is capable to calm and stabilize an emotional background in the house. It is the best of all to deliver to a Schefflera in the bedroom that it took away all negative and promoted sweet, sound sleep. Supplements vampirism excellent ability of a plant to moisten the air, creating thereby a pleasant microclimate.

Schefflera attribute ability to increase family prosperity and to attract clients if the plant is in an office room. It promotes the progress of children at school and positively influences activity, attentiveness, and concentration of the child.

If to speak about serious mysticism, then, according to some data, this plant is “predictor”. It means that it is capable to predict some events. For example, if the plant especially quickly went to growth, wait for the addition of family.

How to look after the Umbrella Plant

Let’s sort of detail questions of leaving behind in house conditions.


Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

At first about illumination, it for a room very important condition. Place a plant in the lightest place in the room, it is the best of all on a window sill if windows leave to the east, the West or the North. The Northside not really well is suitable for plants with a motley coloring, because of the shortage of light the pattern will not be rather expressed.

On the southern window sill, an Umbrella Plants will be too hot, and the bright sun can leave burns on leaves. In this case a pot with a plant it is preferable to put a pot with a plant on a table near a window.

At more distant arrangement from light, especially in the depth of the room, the plant will badly develop, either.

Watering and spraying

Observance of the correct mode of watering – an important factor for successful cultivation. It is necessary to water to a moderately, it is desirable that the soil was slightly damp all the time. Redrying of an earth lump is undesirable, but the plant can transfer it, unlike remoistening. Reacts to “gulf” of a Schefflera very painfully, begin to blacken and fall down leaves.

Sprayings are very favorable for the Umbrella Plant. During a heat and at dry air it is necessary to spray a plant at least once in the day. Water for spraying has to be soft that on leaves there were no white smudges. In the process of dust congestion on leaves, it is necessary to arrange “shower” or to wipe leaves with a damp sponge.

For increase humidity of the air, it is good to put pots from Schefflera on a layer of damp expanded clay.

During the winter period growth rates of a plant slow down, there has to be also a watering, especially less if in the winter temperature of contents is lower. If contents temperature in the winter and in the summer identical, spraying in the winter, unlike watering, does not need to be reduced.


Schefflera loves not hot conditions of keeping – 17-22 degrees of heat. But also it will grow in usual room conditions not bad, at the same time it is desirable to carry out sprayings of a plant, for providing more favorable microclimate. And, here, stronger overheating, for example, under direct sunshine or near heating devices, can cause subsidence of leaves.

How to replace a Schefflera

Change is necessary for the process of growth. As at the majority of houseplants, it on average every year for young plants, times in 2 years and less often for adults. It is important to pick up correctly soil for the flower. It surely had to easily permeable for water and air as the Umbrella plant is very badly transferred by remoistening, suffers from rotting of roots. Purchased soil will be suitable for palm trees or universal. On the bottom of a pot, it is necessary to place a thick layer of drainage.

Reproduction of Schefflera cuttings

Scheffler reproduction: cuttings, seeds in reproduction the grower’s difficulties. How to propagate agave grows well? Suitable methods: cuttings, seeds, and layering. However, none of them gives a guaranteed result.

The easiest way is to reproduce the Umbrella Plant Cuttings. Cuttings for this use semi-wood. Cut them off in the spring. Rooted in water or substrate, for example, universal soil with the addition of sand, in a ratio of 1:1. Sand need coarse, it can be bought in a flower shop or aquarium store. Repotting should be treated with a stimulator of root formation because they are hard to root.

If the stalk is rooted in water, then after the roots appear and develop enough (in green Schefflera about 4 weeks, in motley later), the stalk is planted in the ground and covered with a package with an opening for ventilation, in addition, the package should be removed daily 1-2 times to ventilate the plant for 20-30 minutes.

If the stalk is rooted immediately in the substrate, the package is put on immediately, and ventilation is carried out in the same way, the lower heating works well. The substrate should be maintained in a moderately moist state, not waterlogging. Rooted cuttings should be placed in a warm place, the temperature is not below 20 degrees. Interestingly, the green plant root easier than variegated.

How to propagate Umbrella Plant seeds

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

Sheflera can be propagated by seeds. Purchased seeds (your harvest at home will not be able to get) sow in winter, in January – February, but it’s not too late to do it in March. Soil requirements for showing – it must be loose, air and moisture permeable. You can use universal soil available for sale with the addition of sand (a handful of sand per liter of land), and you can – a mixture of peat and sand.

Seeds buried in the ground for half a centimeter. Watered, covered with film and put in a warm place, 22 – 25 degrees. The container in which the seeds were planted should have drainage and holes for draining water. The film is removed once a day for ventilation. Germination can last up to one month, then there are seedlings. Shoots during this period should be placed in a well-lit place. If conditions allow, it is desirable to reduce the temperature of the content of degrees to 15-17.

With the onset of warm and hot weather, do not forget about spraying small Shefler from a small spray with a little warm water.

Reproduction of Umbrella Plant layering

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

If there is a large instance of Scheffler and the desire to experiment, try the method of reproduction layering. To do this, make an incision in the spring on the trunk of the plant. Place the cut wrap a layer of wet moss, then a layer of film. Make sure that the moss is wet all the time. After a month or more should appear roots, then the stem is cut below the new roots and planted in a mixture of soil or peat with sand in a ratio of 1:1. When the plant takes root, it will begin to form new leaves, you can transplant Scheffler to a permanent place.

Diseases and wreckers

Sometimes on a reverse side of leaves at Schefflera “pimples” are formed. It is so-called dropsy, a consequence of remoistening of a plant. For the same reason on leaves, there can be brown spots spoiling the appearance. It is necessary to reduce watering.

In rare instances at the dryness of the air and insufficient sprayings of can be surprised a web tick and a scale. Wreckers are removed the cotton wool which is reeled up on a stick moistened in a soap solution if necessary the plant is processed special means. The main problem which owners Umbrella Plant face is when dumps leave. We will talk about the reasons now.

Schefflera leaves are falling. What to do?

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

If at Shefflera fall down leaves, then, most likely, “filled in” it and at its roots began to rot. The Umbrella Plant should water gradually, only when the earth lump dries out completely. Approximately time in one and a half – two weeks. But it is necessary to spray on the contrary more often, one, and it is better – twice a day.

Take water for spraying soft if water, then waste. And warm. That to recover it, it is necessary to take out it from a pot, to examine roots. If there are begun to rot, to remove, for one and a half-two hours to put in the solution of zircon or an open, then to process roots fungicide, for example, or to powder with pounded coal.

And then to put to slightly damp earth, to spray with a solution of zircon or an epic, from above to put on transparent a package for several days. Periodically to remove a package for airing. And to water very carefully, Pomala, to spray.

From other reasons, there can be a lack of light, especially for poecilophyllous forms. Though to the direct sun, it is not necessary to put too. Perhaps, Umbrella cold or hot. She loves moderately warm contents, 20-22 degrees of heat. At a temperature below 17 degrees or, on the contrary, near the heating device of a plant feels bad that can be expressed in what at it leaves can begin to fall down.

Types and grades

Schefflera Arboricola

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

It represents a small tree with the branching trunk (upright). Old branches of this tree have a light brown color, and very young ― green. Difficult unpaired pinnate leaves in length can reach 20 centimeters. At foliage of some types, there can be spots of a yellow, cream or white shade.

Schefflera Digitata

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

This look is not really high. Its cut leaves with wavy edges have from 7 to 10 shares. Especially beautifully poecilophyllous versions look.

Schefflera octophylla

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

On one hanging scape, there are from 8 to 12 leaves which form elongated ланцетная. Also, leaves have veins of a light shade and the pointed tops. If leathery brilliant leaves possess olive-green coloring that they still young, and over time they become green.

Schefflera actinophylla

Umbrella Plant Tree or Schefflera

It has long scapes which are painted in brown-reddish color. Its brilliant leaves depending on a version are painted in yellow color with a golden or olive shade and also in saturated green.

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