Secrets Of Growing For Azalea: Proper Care Of The Azalea Flower

The azalea is among the most beautiful houseplants because it blossoms very plentifully. However often flower growers complain that later a few time after acquisition of such flower, it perishes. The matter is that the azalea is a quite whimsical plant.

Not to allow drying up of a flower and dumping of foliage by it, it is necessary to try to create the most suitable conditions for the cultivation of such culture. Only if to provide to an azalea due care, it will blossom very effectively and magnificently.

In short : how to care and grow



Soil condition



Watering system

Now lets go for brief

Care of azalea in house conditions

azalea flower

If it is correct to look after the azalea which is grown up in house conditions, then it will blossom very plentifully, also long time is beautiful.


After the flower is bought, in the house it needs to find the most suitable place. This plant is photophilous, however, protection against the scorching direct beams of the sun is necessary for it.

In this regard for its cultivation, it is necessary to choose a window sill of east orientation, the window located from North or West side will also approach.

It is also important to consider that lighting has to be obligatory disseminated, however, the azalea quite well feels also in a penumbra.

In October and November when at a plant forming of kidneys is observed, it needs a large amount of light. Good lighting can be provided, highlighting flower fluorescent lamps.


azalea flower

The correct temperature condition also has a very important role at the cultivation of such culture as an azalea. This flower which is grown up in house conditions is not among thermophilic. The optimum temperature for its cultivation ― from 15 to 18 degrees.

During forming of buds it needs lower temperature ― 10–12 degrees. If at the cultivation of azalea to support the correct temperature condition, then blossoming will be magnificent, effective and long. In the summertime, it is especially difficult to maintain the necessary temperature.

Experienced flower growers recommend to transfer it to a balcony at this time, but it should not be located on the Southside. If in the room there is a conditioner, then it is necessary to try to make so that air temperature in it was no more than 20 degrees.


azalea flower

Such plant needs to provide the increased humidity of the air. Therefore it needs to be sprayed rather often from the spray, and for this purpose use cool water. During blossoming spraying of a bush should be made carefully because if on a surface of gentle florets moisture gets, they can begin to darken.

Also for an increase in humidity of air about a plant, it is recommended to put several open capacities filled with water. In the summertime, the azalea if desired can be transferred to fresh air, for example, arrange it in a garden.

In the winter time when the heating season begins, the level of humidity of air needs to pay the maximum attention.

Features of an azalea

azalea flower

In nature about 350 species of this plant meet. However in house conditions raise only two of them, and the azalea Indian enjoys the greatest popularity. This look represents an evergreen bush which height does not exceed a half a meter. Small sheet plates of a dark green color, their length are no more than 35 millimeters.

On a surface of leaves, there are pale red hairs. Blossoming is observed in winter time, at the same time flowers in the diameter reach 30–50 millimeters.

The azalea Japanese also represents an evergreen bush, its height can vary from 0.3 to 0.5 meters. Its glossy sheet plates very small.

This differs from the previous look in the size of flowers, has less. This look can be grown up on the garden site.

Blossoming of a room azalea differs in the splendor. It begins to blossom at the age of 3 or 4 years. Most often flowers at it are painted in saturated-pink color, but they can be bright red, lilac, snow-white, violet, and happen also bichromatic.

Petals meet at flowers, terry and equal. Dark green sheet plates have a rather small size.

If you buy magnificently blossoming azalea bush, then in this case on what there is a set of not revealed buds is recommended to choose. The matter is that such flower adapts to new conditions much quicker, and its blossoming will be long, magnificent and effective.

The copy still acquired needs to be subjected to the careful survey, at the same time try to reveal symptoms of a disease or presence of wreckers if those are available. Slightly incline a bush if you see the dried leaflets, then it can mean that the flower is sick or incorrectly looked after him.

How to water

azalea flower

The correct watering is also very important at the cultivation of a room azalea. It has a strong impact both on growth, and on the vegetation of a similar bush. It differs in special insistence to watering and to avoid the death of a bush, it is necessary to conform to the following rules accurately:

  • it is necessary to water a plant systematically, at the same time during the period blossoming watering has to be very plentiful;
  • the earth lump in a pot should not dry up at all if it happened, then the plant together with a pot needs to be shipped in the capacity filled with slightly tepid water for 2 hours during this time
  • to the soil the necessary amount of moisture will be absorbed;
  • the substrate has to be a little wet all the time;
  • excessive moistening of the substrate needs also to be excluded;
  • it is necessary to pour out the flown-down water of a pallet, otherwise, there can be a rotting of a rhizome;
  • if for watering tap water is used, then it is necessary that it settled within not less than 2 days, during this time chlorine to evaporate and will not be able to do much harm to a bush;
  • it is the best of all to water an azalea with meltwater which has to be cool;
  • to make blossoming more plentiful, a bush it is necessary 1 time in 2 weeks (not more often) to water with the mix consisting of the settled water and 2 or 3 droplets of the juice of a lemon.

Best Soil for Azalea Plants

azalea flower

For cultivation of a room, azalea experts recommend using sour soil, at the same time it рН has to be within 4-4.5. If desired in a special shop it is possible to get soil mix which is ideal for the cultivation of such a plant. Also, it is possible to make without effort in house conditions with own hands, for this purpose it is necessary to connect a moss, the rotting needles and sand which take in the ratio 1:2:1.

Nipping and cutting

azalea flower

To create beautiful and very magnificent bush and also for more plentiful blossoming the plant needs to provide the correct care. And for this purpose, it is necessary to carry out cutting and nipping of the grown escapes in time. When the low shrub fades, it will be necessary to tear off all single flowers which already faded.

In May it is necessary to begin to make a regular cutting of the very young, recently grown stalks, at the same time they need also to be overdrying very carefully. If to make cutting and nipping it is correct and also it is timely, then it will be possible to achieve that bud was formed on tips of stalks.

To cut off an azalea, experts advise the secateurs which are specially intended for this purpose. It is absolutely optional to subject to cutting all branches of a low shrub without exception. Cutting can twist only those from them which were excessively extended. Most often emergence of very young sheet plates is noted later about a half-month after the carried-out cutting.

Fertilizers and growth factors

It is necessary to feed up the azalea which is grown up in room conditions mineral fertilizers. At the same time, it is very important to consider that in the used fertilizer there should not be chlorine. The matter is that it is capable to ruin such a window plant. To avoid excess difficulties and problems, experienced flower growers recommend, in a specialized shop to buy fertilizer which is called “Azalea”.

During the spring and summer period of fertilizing have to be rather frequent, so, they should be suited 1 every seven days, thus it is impossible to feed up a flower more often. With the approach of winter, the number of fertilizing is sharply reduced, at this time it is necessary to introduce fertilizers only once a month.

After the period of budding and also blossoming begins, for fertilizing of a room azalea it will be necessary to use such fertilizer which part the necessary amount of such substances as phosphorus and potassium is. For example, at this time for fertilizing it is possible to use Kemira-yuks or Uniflor-bud.

Change of an azalea

azalea flower

Experienced flower growers recommend making a change of this low shrub at once after it fades for the first time. It is necessary to carry out change extremely carefully and for this purpose, it is necessary to use a way of transfer, at the same time it is necessary to keep the integrity of an earth lump.

The matter is that roots in a room azalea are extremely thin and fragile, in this regard during their change it is possible to injure very easily which is extremely undesirable. It is necessary to replace a plant is not a really deep flowerpot, in this case, the backs will be rather close to the surface of the substrate.

Experts recommend a change of very young copies to carry out annually, and more adults ― 1 time in 3 years. At the replaced plants it is necessary to delete the dried-up flowers, stalks, and branches.

Reproduction of an azalea

azalea flower

The azalea breeds stem shanks. It is desirable to do it in the summer. For this purpose semi-lignified shanks with the available kidneys planted in soil, it is desirable to cover with a glass jar, or a plastic bag. Watering and spraying — plentiful and regular.

If there are flower kidneys, then they are deleted at once. In a few months when there is rooting of shanks, it is necessary to land them in a pot. The extended escapes overdrying on the implanted shanks for the formation of the krone.

Diseases and wreckers of an azalea

Diseases develop owing to the wrong leaving:

  • insufficient watering of a plant,
  • influence of the sun,
  • a temperature increase of the room,
  • where there is this flower,
  • lack of light,
  • wrong soil.

Azalea diseases

azalea flower
  • If leaves faded, yellow, or fall down, then the lack of watering of a plant or the influence of the sun is the reason. If to begin to follow the rules of watering, spraying, and lighting, then the problem will disappear.
  • If there was rust or gray decay, then it is necessary to create a temperature, comfortable for a flower, for existence, and to cut off the spoiled leaves.
  • If flowers at it only turn yellow, begin to wither and fall down, so watering happens with low-quality water. It is possible to correct it if to make having watered with boiled water with specialized fertilizers.

Because of a moisture surplus in the soil, the azalea is struck most often by a Phytophthora that leads to the death of a houseplant.


Web pincers, scale, and strawberry pincers are wreckers who can spoil a room azalea. For a fight, it is necessary to process a house flower’s by special means. For a start it is necessary to make processing of foliage soap solution, then to wash away warm water, and then it is necessary to spray with the acquired means.

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