Schizanthus: Planting And Care Of A Poor Man’s Orchid

Exquisite ornamental plant Schizanthus is a representative of the Nightshade family. It comes from southern Africa and South America. This plant is highly decorative, it is even sometimes compared with a chic and exquisite Orchid, which is very loved by gardeners.

Since these cultures are very similar in appearance, schizanthus is sometimes called the “Orchid of the poor.” But compared to an Orchid, such a flower is less capricious and demanding to care for, and even a novice gardener can try to grow it.

Features of Schizanthus

Schizanthus is a lush flowering perennial plant, or rather biennial. On the surface of the shoots and foliage has pubescence consisting of hairs. Flowering bushes for a long time, or rather, from May to the first severe frosts. During flowering, Bush looks very impressive, and all thanks to the gorgeous flowers that can have a variety of the most exotic color.

Inexperienced growers often confuse schizanthus with Nemesis Orchid, but these are completely different plants belonging to different families, and they look like only flowers.

There are many varieties from which each gardener will be able to choose the one that he will certainly have to taste. All varieties differ not only in color of flowers but also in the height of the Bush. So, the plant in height can reach from 30 to 100 centimeters. This plant can decorate any garden plot, and it is very popular in landscape design.

Sowing in open ground

Schizanthus seeds can be sown directly into the open ground, but in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that the grown bushes will begin to bloom only in July. You can start sowing only when the warm weather is established, and at night there will be no threat of frost.

In order to schizanthus bloomed profusely and continuously, their seeds are recommended to be sown not all at once, but to do it in several receptions with a break of several days. In that case, if there are thick shoots, they will need to be thinned so that between the bushes was a distance of about 25 centimeters.

Extra seedlings can be carefully dug up and planted in another place. Bloom has grown and stronger bushes closer to the second half of July, but they will delight you with their flowers for a very long time, usually until the first autumn frosts.

Some growers are trying to grow schizanthus so that it bloomed to the eighth of March. But just keep in mind that this is very difficult to do because the bushes usually begin to bloom before may. Seeding, in this case, is carried out in early autumn in a heated greenhouse.

The most popular among gardeners is the method of growing schizanthus through seedlings. However, those who carry out seeding directly into the open ground, assure that in this case the bushes will be very impressive and bloom profusely, but only from mid-summer, but until the frost (most often until October).

What time to plant

Planting of the grown seedlings of schizanthus in the open soil should be carried out only after the establishment of warm weather, while the threat of night frosts must necessarily pass. Most often this time falls on the last days of April or May.

To plant well grown and developed, you need to responsibly approach the selection of the site. It should have reliable protection against drafts and strong gusts of wind, and even from prolonged rains.

And also take into account the fact that such a culture is light-loving and it needs a large amount of sunlight for normal development, but at the same time we must remember that it is extremely negatively responding to too high an air temperature.

In this regard, in regions with an excessively hot climate for planting schizanthus, it is recommended to choose shaded areas.

Since this flower is characterized by fairly high demands on the growing conditions, some gardeners recommend planting it not in the open ground, but in pots or in pots. In this case, with the onset of hot days or long rains, it can be easily transferred to time in another place, which will be protected from precipitation or from the scorching rays of the sun.

Also, pay attention to the soil on the site, it should be slightly acidic, fertile and well pass water and air. In this regard, during the digging of the site in the ground is recommended to make peat and sand.

Care of Schizanthus

In order to schizanthus bushes were strong, and bloomed profusely and for a long time, they need to provide not only good but also the right care.


This culture refers to moisture-loving plants. In this regard, watering should be carried out systematically, it does not matter the top layer of soil has dried or not. Pour water carefully at the root so that the surface of the leaves drops of water falling.

Water the plant should be soft and warm water. Therefore, water from the tap should start to stand well for a few days. However, the best flower responds to watering rainwater, which was heated by the sun.


Feeding should also be given special attention. Before the Bush blooms, the soil is fertilized, which includes nitrogen, it contributes to the rapid growth of green mass. And when the plant will bloom, then for feeding it is necessary to use fertilizer for flowering plants.

Types and varieties of schizanthus with photos and names

Rod schizanthus combines 12 different kinds. Below will be described those that are most popular with gardeners.

Schizanthus Grahamii

The height of this annual plant is about 0.6 m. the Flowers have a pinkish-purple color. The petals are decorated with many purple strokes and yellow spots. Breeders have bred varieties of plants with flowers of snow-white, pink and purple color. The stem of his branch and his homeland is the mountainous region of Chile.

Schizanthus Pinnatus

This species is annual. Bush height reaches no more than half a meter. Racemes, which resemble the shape of an Orchid inflorescence, consist of small flowers, painted in purple. Today there are varieties with inflorescences of rich pink and white color. In the middle of the flower, and at the base of the lower petal has a lot of strokes and spots.

Schizanthus Wisetonensis

This hybrid is created using the feathery schizanthus and Graham. The Bush reaches a height of not more than 0.6 meters. Irregularly shaped flowers in diameter reach about 20 mm. they are Painted in different shades of pink, and there are plants with white inflorescences. This garden view is most popular among gardeners, as the plant is very spectacular and elegant.

Angel Wings

This grade refers to the form of schizanthus Veselinski. The height of the annual plant can reach about 0.4 meters. At the top of the stems, inflorescences are formed, consisting of small flowers, reaching a diameter of 20 mm. If the plant is well cared for, the flowering will be so lush that even the stem cannot be seen because of the many beautiful flowers that can be painted in pink, purple, white or Carmine color. The Bush blooms in May and finishes flowering in September. This variety is suitable for cultivation in the open field, and even for cultivation in containers and pots. It can also be raised at home.

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