10 Most Beautiful Varieties Of Dahlias For Your Garden

Standard international classification a varieties dahlia in a form of inflorescences allows reducing a huge variety of grades a dahlia to the main ten groups. The standard international classification developed by the Royal garden society of Great Britain with the assistance of the national organizations of fans a dahlia of the USA and Holland includes 10 groups.

1. Single-flowered Dahlia

Single-flowered Dahlia

Flowers with the open center. One or two complete external series of red flowers surround a flat disk with tubular flowers (further a disk). Usually about 10 cm in the diameter. Grades of this group are ideal for jobs from inmates as they do not exceed in height of 30 cm. Grow up most of them as ingates – crops of seeds.

2. Anemone-flowered Dahlia

Anemone-flowered Dahlia

Inflorescences of 7-8 cm in the diameter, are similar to inflorescences anemones. The dense convex disk from tubular flowers is surrounded by one and more nearby petals. Height – 60-90 cm Anemonovidny dahlias: Inca, Boogie Woogie, Blue Bayou

3. Collarette Dahlia

Anemone-flowered Dahlia

The open disk is surrounded with “collar” from the shortened petals, and they in turn – one-two rows of long petals, often other colors. Grades of this group have a big palette of colorings and well stand in a cut. Inflorescences of 10-15 cm in the diameter, bush height – about 100-110 cm Collar dahlias: Danum Torch, La Giaconda, Butterfly, Curiosity, Starsister.

4. Waterlily (Nymphaea-flowered) Dahlia

Waterlily (Nymphaea-flowered) Dahlia

Inflorescences are terry, are similar in a form to water-lily flowers. Numerous petals flat or with a little concave edge. The diameter of an inflorescence usually 10-12 cm, bush height – about 100 cm Nimfeyny dahlias: Dahlstar Sunset Pink, Sascha, Taratahi Ruby, Caballero, Pearl of Heemstede

5. Decorative Dahlia

Decorative Dahlia

The central disk is not visible. Inflorescences are terry, with the wide flat or twirled petals. The height of a bush is from 90 cm and above, inflorescences usually very large. The USA subdivides this group into Formal decorative which have inflorescences more regular, and Informal decorative – with the long twirled or pointed petals. Decorative dahlias: Gallery Art Nouveau, White Alva’s, Smokey, Jessica, Lady Darlene

6. Ball Dahlia

Ball Dahlia

Inflorescences of spherical shape. Tips of petals stupid or rounded off, petals are curtailed into a funnel more than one half of length. Often a top of inflorescences there is a little flattened. Small spherical grades have inflorescences of 10-15 cm in the diameter, tiny – to 10 cm in the diameter. Long blossoming. Spherical dahlias: Maren, Mary’s Jomanda, Fermain, Barbarry Bluebird, Corner

7. Pompom Dahlia

Pompom Dahlia

Are very similar to spherical dahlias, but an inflorescence form more spherical, and petals are curtailed into a funnel at all length. The diameter of inflorescences – no more than 5 cm. Are very popular as colors for bouquets. Pomponny dahlias: Small World, Franz Kafka, Tisa

8. Dahlia Cactus-flowered

Dahlia Cactus-flowered

Inflorescences are terry, the central disk it is not visible. Petals are long, pointed. Their edges are strongly twirled inside more than on half of the length of a petal. Ends of petals cutting or fringed. The USA divides this group into Straight lines cactaceous with straight lines or little bent petals and the pointed petals Bent cactaceous, at which are bent to the center of an inflorescence. It is the favorite band of dahlias among florists. Cactaceous dahlia of Weston Spanish Dancer

9. Semi-Cactus-flowered Dahlia

Semi-Cactus-flowered Dahlia

Inflorescences with little pointed straight lines or the bent petals (in the basis they are wider). Their edges are twirled inside less, than on half of the length of a petal. Usually plants about 100 cm high. Semi-cactaceous dahlias: Mick’s Peppermint, Karma Corona, American Dream, Sorbet, Striped Vulcan (God of Fire).

10. Miscellaneous Dahlia

Varieties Of Dahlias

Here dahlias with different forms of inflorescences which cannot be carried to the previous groups including selection novelties enter. For example, Orchid-flowered which are similar to simple with one exception: their flat petals are twirled at least on two-thirds of the length.

Varieties Of Dahlias

Honka Yellow and Honka Surprise.  Star-shaped dahlias differ in small inflorescences with two-three rows of the unbent pointed hardly blocked petals surrounding the central disk. Chrysanthemum-flowered dahlias include grades with the inflorescences similar to chrysanthemums.

Varieties Of Dahlias

Fimbriated dahlias Marlene JoyPeony-flowered are similar to peonies, and narrow petals of fringed dahlias are very strongly cut on the ends.

Varieties Of Dahlias

fascination with each concrete country the number of groups can vary. For example, a society of fans of dahlias of Great Britain allocates fringed, terry dahlias in separate groups.

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