TOP 19 Undemanding Long Blooming Perennials With Your Garden

Long-flowering unpretentious perennials for the whole season can turn your garden into a real sea of colors and flavors.

The most popular perennial long-flowering plants


Luxurious beauty is famous for a variety of species and a vast number of hybrids and cultivars, many of which can bloom continuously from early June to late autumn. Caring for a rose is not difficult, however, as befits a Queen of the garden, the culture is quite sensitive to growing conditions and susceptible to diseases and pests.


Large Mediterranean compact shrub with violet-blue or pale pink fragrant flowers that appear in late may and decorate the garden until the first frost. Lavender requires little or no care, her furry bushes are high in group planting and are an excellent option for decorating borders, perennial borders, mixed borders and rock gardens in a Mediterranean style. It goes well with roses and cloves herb.


Fragrant and unpretentious long-flowering perennial. Depending on the type of color palette: white, pink, purple or blue. Flowering long – from spring to late autumn. It tolerates periodic droughts. Indispensable in creating a garden of herbs.

Giant Hyssop (Lophanthus)

This plant is often called Mexican mint because of the pleasant aniseed smell of leaves and flowers. Great for creating mixed flower beds and a garden of herbs.


It is characterized by multi-colored double flowers that resemble small pads — height depending on the type of 25 to 70 cm flowering Period from July to mid-October.


Numerous hybrids and varieties allow you to paint the garden with a wide range of warm colors, starting with shades of yellow and pumping purple. Tiny flowers are collected in large flat inflorescences that look spectacular against the background of dark green carved foliage. It grows well both in the sun and in partial shade, drought-resistant.

Dianthus deltoídes

The height of this little plant is only 15-20 cm — ideal for decorating rocky gardens and rock garden in naturalistic compositions. Abundant and fragrant flowering begins in May and lasts until the end of August. Popular varieties:

  1. bright yellow “Golden Queen,”
  2. bright pink “Diamond,”
  3. snow-white “Wisley White.”

Chamomile dye

Completely undemanding in the care of long-flowering perennial with bright yellow or orange chamomile-like inflorescences and blue openwork leaves. Plant height of about 60 cm it is best to plant in groups of several pieces. Golden Glades of Artemisa looks spectacular on the background of coniferous plants in the rock garden.


Garden Echinacea pleases with its bright flowering from July to September. Group plantings allow you to create cool flower beds of warm colors.


Hardy plant reaches a length of 25-35 cm and looks like mint. Its pride is white, lavender-blue, violet or bright blue inflorescences-spikelets and lemon smell of foliage in some species. It is often planted in rockeries, in the garden of herbs next to oregano, Echinacea, sage. Drought-resistant decorative species, which is most famous – cat fasten, which is ideal in the bordering landscaping, as well as such magnificent varieties as “Purple Haze” and “Walker’s Low”.


High up to 2 m in powerful height stems strewn with beautiful and large flowers of blue and pink hue. The flowering period from June to the end of September. High handsome delphinium is the perfect solution to create a mixed flower bed, beautiful low-rise buildings, and fences.


Ground cover species of garden geranium blooming from June to August. Likes filtered light and moist soil. This modest plant is well suited for landscaping areas around bushes and trees.


Unpretentious long-flowering perennial is popular with gardeners. Its flowers like little suns fill the garden with their Golden cozy warmth from the beginning of July to September. The plant easily adapts to almost any conditions but prefers a Sunny position and moderately fertile soil.


Pink, white and lavender luxurious oblong inflorescences on long peduncles adorn the perennial from July to September. No wonder Liatris is often called the “burning star”. High sun-loving plant is characterized by endurance and highly decorative.

Evening primrose

Beauty note with bright gold and pale pink flowers adorns the garden from June to August. It grows well in the full sun, on fertile and moist soils. Magnificent in group plantings.


Bright pink and white flowers small Armeria municipality, gathered in capitate inflorescences balls on thin stems do not fade all summer. This is perfect for the rock garden and small Alpine gardens.


The hallmark of the plant – bright and large pink and lilac-blue inflorescences that retain their decorative after cutting in dry form. It is undemanding in care, as in nature grows in the steppes. Watering is almost not required. Blooms in July and retains decorative until the frost.


A small long-flowering perennial, similar to a miniature Aster. Blooms in June and July and decorates the garden until the first frost. Likes the sun and drained soil.


Colorful and abundant flowering Sidalcea of the family Malvaceae lasts from July to October. Culture does not require special care, and its magnificent delicate flowers will decorate any garden.

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