13 Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Grow From Seeds

We used to plant seeds on seedlings, planning the future harvest. But generative reproduction is characteristic not only for tomatoes and cucumbers but also for tropical flora. Usually we buy potted flowers in shops, and meanwhile, a houseplant without extra costs you will grow independently.

Easy To Grow Indoor Plants From Seeds

Of course, you have to wait more than one year until it blooms. But the wait is worth it! Just imagine how interesting it is to observe the entire life cycle: from a small seed to an adult plant, to monitor the growth and development of your “ward”. What houseplants can be easily grown from seeds at home, we will tell in the article.


Now in shops, the wide choice of seeds of colorful grades of a adenium desert rose is presented. It is so called this beautiful and unpretentious flower. By nature, adenium picky: all he needs is bright sun and a rare watering.

Seedlings appear on the 7th–10th day. As they grow stronger and form a thickening at the base, the stem increases in breadth and the foliage is created on top. After 2-3 years, the new succulent will delight you with flowers. And from grown adenium seedling care get a real garden in the style of Bonsai.


Alpine violet, so also called this flower, is not inferior to the beauty of a desert rose, although it comes from the cold regions of Europe. Now collectors can get varieties with double flowers. The presence of suitable conditions, the cyclamen is able to bloom almost continuously.

The plant obtained from the seed at first actively increases the underground part, and in the third year forms peduncles. Care for it is not difficult; it is only essential to provide iced winter cyclamen – heat and stuffiness this flower does not like.


Do not rush to throw away the bones of dried dates! If you like houseplants, you can become the owner of a miniature palm tree. It’s hard to believe that a real giant grows out of a small bone. But that’s the nature of the propagated trees.

However, do not wait for early results, the seedling will appear a month later, and the date grows for a very long time, adding about 5-7 cm per year. At the same time, the desert plant will still require a minimum of care. The main thing is to provide it with bright light and moderate watering.


This amazingly beautiful flowering plant is also called frangipani. Flowers, blooming, exudes a unique exotic aroma. In addition to the classic white, in the “reserve” the flower has pink, crimson, yellow and even orange colors.

Get it from the seeds is not difficult, and an adult plant will not cause trouble. Frangipani overgrows, reaches an impressive size (up to 2 meters), requires frequent transplanting and a significant area in the room, abundant irrigation and Sunny location.


This flower can be called a record for the number of varieties and an abundance of colors. Amazing pelargonium has long settled on the windowsills of apartments and settled there. From the seeds grow hardy plants that can bloom for the second year.

Among the gardeners, there are collectors and breeders of pelargonium, owners of a whole range of colors. A minimum of effort and your collection will also be replenished with a blooming instance. Select for pelargonium Sunny windowsill and do not forget to water it regularly.


Second in popularity and simplicity of the palm tree that quickly grows from seed is Gokarna. In the greenhouse, shoots appear within a month. Unlike date, nolina initially increases quite rapidly, then its growth slows down.


From palm trees and ornamental flowering plants move on to more useful – fruiting. For example, passionflower, aka passion fruit. Outlandish flowers turn into fruits, which in nature have an unusual taste. At home, get edible passion fruit is also possible, but it will have to try a little.

Passionflower is demanding for humidity and lighting, especially in winter. It also needs regular watering while decorative line overgrows and accepts pruning.

Hot pepper

Miniature varieties of pepper not only look spectacular but also provide fruits to all lovers of spicy. After flowering Bush, like a Christmas tree, decorated with colorful fruits. This outfit looks impressive.

Sowing room pepper is identical to growing garden “namesake”. Seeds germinate quickly, and newly-baked plants bloom in the first year, forming edible fruits.


It will not be possible to grow a large and juicy pomegranate fruit in a closed ground. But to get a spectacular plant and entirely edible small grenades is quite reasonable. Decorative pomegranate different miniature size and lush blooms.

Seeds germinate in a couple of weeks, and the fruits appear in adult specimens. To care for this refined tree, you will need some skills. Normal watering, the presence of light even in winter, coolness, and humidity will pay off the beauty of flowering and fruits that will give you this exotic.


Many deciduous plants that we grow with care in our apartment, in tropical countries grow on the street. Planting seeds at home, you can also get a spectacular decorative flower. Among the fast-growing are orange Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum), the many-faced dracaena (Dracaena), fatsia japonica (Fatsia), the elegant jacaranda (Jacaránda) and even the beloved ficus Benjamin (Ficus Benjamin).

All these plants have similar requirements for care: bright but diffused light and regular watering. In winter, some representatives of the evergreen can lose the leaves from the dry air, but in the spring again restore its crown.


It is very tempting to grow your lemon tree on the windowsill to harvest for tea and no need to run to the store for lemon. And it’s real, keep in mind that the fruit grown from the seeds of plants do not begin soon. Therefore, it will be possible to get the first full harvest only in 5-7 years.

Citrus seeds also do not hurry to germinate: the first seedlings will appear only after 3 or even seven weeks. Grow citrus easier if you are not new to floriculture. After all, they all require an individual approach, like moist air, stability in care and proper wintering.


These include the familiar to many colors (kohleria), gloxinia (gloxinia), Streptocarpus (Streptocarpus), Saintpaulia (Saintpaulia). There are no special rules for growing new specimens. These flowers are not too whimsical in care. The main thing for them – the presence of light, stable temperature and moderate watering.

All Gesneriaceae quickly propagated leaf cuttings, but seed propagation allows to obtain new varieties. In shops and collectors, you can find types with Terry flowers of all kinds of color.


Surprisingly, you can even grow succulents from seeds at home. Who would have thought that these prickly “aliens” can develop from a small seed! Rules of planting seeds are no different, only the substrate it is necessary to take the lightest, based on sand, and moisten it with a spray bottle, you must be careful.

Get seeds is not difficult, and they are much cheaper than mature flowering specimens. And watch the growth of the cactus from the beginning is exciting!

Detail about seed reproduction of cacti read in material: How To Care For Christmas Cactus

Seeding – General rules

Little seeds are recommended to mix with the sand, and large, unusually flat (which is difficult to detect the top) – placed horizontally to sprouted seedling did not go into the ground.

The process of planting seeds of tropical plants has no fundamental differences. For planting, take a light mixture based on peat and sand, moisten the surface, and the seeds are not buried too much. It is enough to sprinkle them with a centimeter layer of the substrate.

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