Coleus Plant: Landing And Leaving In The Open Ground

The plant Coleus is the representative of the family the Mint family or Yasnotkovye. This sort unites about 150 types. Its name from the word “cleos” was formed that from Greek it is translated as “case”. In the natural species of such plant can be met in tropical forests of Africa and Asia. Sometimes inexperienced gardeners call Coleus “the poor’s Codiaeum” as his motley foliage is similar to Codiaeum leaves, but it looks less effectively.

And this flower is called “a dumping plant”, but it is done only by those gardeners who are unfamiliar with the new grades of coleus differing in high decorative effect. They can compete for both with a Codiaeum, and other decorative and deciduous plants, popular in culture. Besides that Coleus possesses effective foliage, it is very simple to look after it.

Short description of cultivation

  1. Blossoming. Coleus cultivates as a decorative and deciduous plant.
  2. Landing. On seedling, seeds sow in the last days of March, and to the soil seedlings land in the second half of May.
  3. Illumination. In the forenoon, the flower needs a large amount of bright sunlight, and then it needs small shading.
  4. Temperature condition. In summertime ― from 18 to 20 degrees, and in winter months ― are not colder than 12 degrees.
  5. Watering. Moisten soil often and plentifully.
  6. The humidity of the air. Needs the increased humidity of the air, therefore, the bush should be humidified often from a spray, especially in hot days.
  7. Fertilizer. Throughout the spring and summer period a flower feeds up 1 time in 7 days, and in winter time ― 1 time in 4 weeks. For this purpose use mineral complex fertilizer.
  8. Nipping. During the vegetative period, it is carried out systematically.
  9. Cutting. The bush is cut off after the dormant period, at the very beginning of active growth ends. Dormant period. In winter time. Change. Regularly 1 time in 3 or 4 years.

Features of a coleus


Tetrahedral ridge escapes of coleus at the basis to turn into a tree. Opposite sheet plates of a heart-shaped form are trimmed, they have a gear edge. At a part of types leaves small, but occur among them such at which foliage can reach in length about 16 oz. At natural types, foliage and escapes are externally strongly similar to a nettle, in this regard in the people still call a flower “nettle”.

The color of sheet plates represents various combination of claret, red, green and yellow shades. During blossoming the ear consisting of small flowers of lilac or blue color, however, is formed they are not of any decorative value. Coleus raise as a decorative and deciduous plant, however, among various species and grades of such plant there are also beautifully blossoming.

Cultivation of Coleus in a garden


Coleus enjoys popularity because he is very beautiful, and is undemanding to leaving. And also because house Coleus in warm season it is possible to raise on the garden site. This plant can be grown up easily from seeds, and in specialized shops, if desired it is possible to find excellent Dutch or English soil mix.

Crops of seeds are recommended to be carried out in the last days of March. It is possible to sow seeds earlier, and later, but in this case, in cold season seedlings need an obligatory additional. The low box which is filled easily for a soil mix, saturated with nutrients perfectly will be suitable for crops.

Evenly distribute seeds on a surface of a soil mix and humidify crops from the sprayer, it is not necessary to close up them in a substrate. Fill up seeds from above with a thin layer of sand and cover a box with glass (film). Transfer chops to the gloomy and warm place, you watch that the surface of the substrate in a box was a little warmer all the time. The good purchased seed stuff differs in high viability, sometimes the sprout appears from each seed.

The first seedlings have to seem in only 1-1.5 weeks after crops. As soon as it occurs, clean the shelter and rearrange a box in a well-lit place protected from direct beams of the sun perfectly the window sill of the western or east orientation will approach. It is necessary to maintain air temperature at the level from 17 to 19 degrees.

Cultivation of seedling


After to shoots 20–30 days are executed and they will create the first couple of real sheet plates, they will need a sword-play in special cartridges. Thanks to it at plant well developed powerful system of roots which during change will not be damaged will be able to be created. Young bushes aged from 5 up to 6 weeks will need the obligatory change in individual glasses of 400 g, after that they are a graft that they grew at bushier.

Planting of seedling

To the open soil, seedling can be planted only when warm weather is established, and returnable frosts will remain behind. The site suitable for landing of coleus has to be solar, but in midday time it has to be in small shading.

Also, the flower needs the site which is well protected from wind gusts. Prepare landing poles and fill them nutritious to a soil mix well-passing water and air. Plant in them seedlings from glasses. It is rather simple to put and grow up колеус if you cultivate it as an annual. If you decided to grow up it as a perennial, then consider that 2 or 3 years later the bush will lose the decorative effect, and it is necessary to grow up young plants from shanks or seeds.

And it is necessary to remember that with an approach of fall flowers should be dug out, planted in pots and to bring to the house, and in springtime, they are put in a garden again. Plant seedlings on the prepared site, at the same time the distance between them has to be not really big. After that, they are plentifully watered.

Leaving for Coleus in a garden


In order that Coleus well grew in a garden, it needs to be watered plentifully, especially when the hot droughty period is observed. For watering it is recommended to use well-settled water therefore on the garden site it is necessary to install a volume tub or a barrel, it can be used for accumulation rain or for upholding of tap water.

When flowers are watered, loosen about them the surface of the soil and pull out all weeds. In order that bushes grew at more magnificent, throughout their season it is necessary to cut slightly 2 or 3 times.

Throughout the vegetative period Coleus, growing in a garden, 1 time in 7 days follows systematically to feed up, using for this purpose fertilizer with the high content of nitrogen. Thanks to it foliage will actively grow and develop, and blossoming will be slowed down.

As soon as formation of inflorescences begins, cut off them that Coleus did not spend the forces for their growth and blossoming. Here in such a simple way, it is possible to grow up a magnificent and effective bush of coleus in a garden.

How to grow up from seeds Koleus in house conditions


Coleus is possible to grow up not only in a garden, but also in house conditions, at the same time it will be possible to multiply it also both shanks, and a seed way. Grow up from seeds such flower in the same way as a seedling for landing to the open ground.

However, after seedlings will be pricking out on separate cartridges, after that replace them in individual pots. Further bushes begin to look after the same as adult plants.

Reproduction by a propagation

During the cutting of an adult bush, the remained scraps can be not thrown out, and to use as shanks. Length of a shank has to be about 10 centimeters, tear off all sheet plates from its lower part. After that on rooting it is landed in the moistened sand or substrate, from above pieces need to be covered with the cut-off plastic bottle or a transparent package.

Remove them in the shaded place and provide a cool (from 18 to 20 degrees). Rooting takes 1-1.5 weeks then the shanks which gave roots can be landed on the constant place. In such a way it is very simple to multiply колеус.

Leaving for Coleus in house conditions


For successful cultivation of room coleus, it is enough to provide it the correct mode of watering. For this purpose it is regularly plentifully watered, using the soft well-settled water which temperature has to be close to room.

Special attention to watering needs to be paid in the spring and in the summer. It is necessary to feed up the house, as well as garden throughout the spring and summer period once a week. For this purpose use complex mineral fertilizer in a half dose from recommended by the producer.

To a cold season of fertilizing carry out 1 time in 30 days. In the spring and in the summer the bush is recommended to be humidified systematically from a spray. However, it is impossible to humidify foliage under direct beams of the sun.

In the winter time when the air in the room is dried up by the working heating devices, for the increase in its level of humidity in a pallet fill the moistened expanded clay, and on it put a pot with a plant. In due time tear off the inflorescences which began to be formed, they are left only if the decor a look or a grade is grown up.

Throughout the vegetation period, bushes will be required to be topping several times, in this case, they will be more magnificent. After the dormant period ends, before vegetation carries out the rejuvenating cutting, for this purpose truncate all stalks to 2 – 2,7 oz. Grown wise experience flower growers recommend, to implant a little cutting, remained after cutting. The matter is that the last year’s bush can lose the decorative effect.


Diseases and wreckers

If not to carry out a timely nipping or cutting of young coleus, then its stalks will become extended. Also, young bush can be extended because of poor lighting, and it can happen to an old flower. At too intensive lighting foliage becomes faded and loses the color. At the wrong watering, the bush begins to dump foliage.

It occurs as at excessively poor waterings as and because of stagnation of liquid in a root system. From insects of a Colusa web pincer, plant lice and whiteflies can do much harm. Plant louses exhaust juice from a bush because of what yellowing and shrinking of the struck sheet plates are observed.


Also, this wrecker is considered the main carrier of dangerous diseases. For its destruction, the house plant is sprayed with soap solution. If necessary 7 days later processing repeat. Remember that during spraying of a bush washed with the solution the surface of a substrate in a pot it is necessary to protect surely a film.

If the plant louse lodges on garden bushes, they should be processed solution of special insecticide, for example, of Fitoverm or Aktellik. To save Coleus from web pincers, it is sprayed with Apolo, Akarin, Oberon. For the fight against the whitefly use the same means, as for the destruction of a plant louse: Actor, Aktellik, Oberon and others.


Use of chemicals can strongly do much harm to coleus, therefore, it is so important to follow the simple rules of prevention. Long ago it is known that wreckers avoid healthy and strong plants, therefore, take care of flower correctly and provide it suitable conditions for growth.

In a garden, the coleus is most often raised as an annual plant. However if desired the garden bush can be taken from the earth and to put in a pot which is brought to the house. Look after him in this case in the same way as behind house coleus.

With approach spend falls gradual reduction of watering, at the same time it is necessary to introduce fertilizers in soil mix 1 time in 30 days. The same care needs to be provided also to house coleus. Also for winter months, the flower has to be in a cool (from 8 to 15 degrees).

Types and grades of coleus with a photo and names

Coleus x hybrids


Most often in house conditions cultivate this look. It represents the small bush differing in the unpretentiousness and indiscriminateness in leaving. The bush in height can reach about 3,2 ft, the section of escapes square. Elongated and oval sheet plates possess a saw-toothed edge. If the bush grows in the shaded place, then its leaves are painted in green color. If to grow up it in the solar place, then the color of leaves will be claret.

Coleus rehneltianus


The homeland of such look is Sri Lanka, it is cultivated as an ampelous plant. Stalks in length can reach about a half a meter. Foliage is decorated by streaks which can be painted in various colors, for example: in violet, red, yellow, brown, etc.

Coleus blumeii


In culture, this look, and its versions which very much enjoy the greatest popularity. A sort such plant from Southeast Asia. This forb has the stalks in height reaching up to 0.8 m which at the basis to turn into a tree over time. Popular grades: Black dragon. Violet-brown sheet plates, corrugated on an edge, decorate veins of red color. Series hybrids Vizzard. Vizzard Zolotoy has lime-yellow foliage, Vizzard the Evening Dawn ― sheet plates of a bright-red shade possess a narrow pale green border, Vizzard Nefrit ― decorates white leaves a wide border of green color.

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