7 The Most Beautifull Caladium Varieties

Caladiums can’t help but attract attention. This is not surprising, because their color is so diverse that even one plant cannot find two identical leaves.

Beauty decorative deciduous elephant ears are superior to a flowering of culture. The foliage of the plant is heart-shaped and unimaginable colors, which depends on the variety. Many varieties of color may change with age. It is interesting to watch the Caladium Varieties when it has new leaves: they unfold from thin tubes into huge hearts.

What varieties caladium most beautiful?

Many believe the plant is capricious, but if the Caladium to create suitable conditions, problems with it will not. Besides, many growers successfully grow crops not only at home but also in flower beds in the garden area.

Caladium is a perennial tuberous plant native to South and Central America, India and Africa. The genus consists of 15 species, which in turn include a vast variety of varieties. Let’s get acquainted with the most exciting and unusual of them.

Florida Beauty

Its leaves and shape, and atypical “BLOB” similar to the palette of colors. Spots of the green, pink and yellow-green color of different sizes are randomly “smeared” across the leaf plate, which gives the plant a unique flavor.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
Olive-green with pink (sometimes purple) and white-green spots30-60Young leaves are slightly lighter than adults.


Drawing Leaves of this species is similar to the color of the Zebra. Enough just 2 colors – white and green. Moreover, the Magnificum variety is the best proof of that. The leaves of the plant are oblong, with pointed ends.

Miss Muffet

Looking at this Caladium, you can decide that its leaves are full of holes. Such an illusion is created by dark red spots randomly scattered on the light green leaf plates of the Caladium Miss Muffet. The culture is thermophilic, so in regions, with a cold climate, it is better to grow in a home flower garden.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
Light green with dark red small spots and white (sometimes pink) veins15-30The color of the leaves is slow.

Postman Joyner

Another Caladium, which is enough only two colors to cause you admiration and desire to get this elegant flower immediately. The plants of this variety are such dense leaves that they seem artificial. This “cheat” helps people to believe and glossy Shine – leaf-like plates covered with wax. However, don’t doubt – Caladium Postman Joyner is the most real and alive.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
A ring of vibrant green color surrounds the red center.45-60Very dense leaves

Rose Glow

Pink leaves with green edges and a scattering of white “freckles” at the confluence of two bright colors distinguish this Caladium among many others.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
Pink with green edging and white “drops” in the area of color transition30-60Grows best in partial shade

Thai Beauty

The variety belongs to the species Bicolor. Like all caladiums, the plant attracts attention with a particular color of the foliage. However, the shape of the leaves also deserves attention. Elongated pink leaf plates with wavy edges and a whimsical green pattern from a distance resemble butterfly wings.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
Pink with white-green streaks25-30Young leaves – green

White Queen

This plant is thermophilic, so in the cold, it is desirable to keep it at home. It is best to grow Caladium White Queen in a large container to be able to move it from the street to the house or Vice versa, if necessary.

The color of the leavesHeight (cm)Peculiar properties
White-light green with green edging and red veins50The plant loves spraying.

As you can see, the world of caladiums is quite diverse. Even if you do not find in the sale of these varieties, you can take any other – this plant is unlikely to disappoint you.

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